code cannot be generated in the mapping

    I have a mapping in which I am calling a stored procedure in the premapping process. The validation goes fine but generation gives me a error code cannot be generated.

    Any ideas.

    VLD-1141: Internal error during mapping generation.

    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.component.transforms.GenericTransformGenerationDelegate.getSubExpressionTable(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.component.transforms.GenericTransformGenerationDelegate.getFunctionExpression(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.component.transforms.GenericTransformSqlDelegate.prepareOutputContext(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.WBMappingGenerator.generate(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.PlSqlGenerationMediator.assembleSetBasedInternal(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.PlSqlGenerationMediator.assembleSetBased(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.PlSqlGenerationMediator.assemble(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.WBMappingGenerator.generate(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.WBMappingGenerator.generate(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.mapping.generation.WBDeployableMappingGenerator.generate(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.generation.common.WBGenerationService.generateCode(
    at oracle.wh.service.impl.generation.common.WBGenerationService.generateCode(

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      • 1. Re: code cannot be generated in the mapping

        You have to create the mapping again for this error.

        Do you changes the existing mapping.
        or Create the new Mapping?
        • 2. Re: code cannot be generated in the mapping
          Many Internal errors disappear if you:

          1) Close and restart OWB Design Client.
          2) If that doesn't work, try stopping and restarting OWB Repository DB.

          • 3. Re: code cannot be generated in the mapping
            I removed the pre mapping process which calls the stored procedure and the mapping generated and executes fine. The minute I put back the premapping process. I also tried transformation operator to call the stored procedure and I am getting the error.

            For sure it has to do with the call to the stored procedure.
            • 4. Re: code cannot be generated in the mapping
              Hi there

              I had the same problem, trying to execute a procedure in a mapping, the solution I found (I think there is a bug here in windowing, I was told by expert) is to put your procedure in a workflow and then your problems are gone. Since I can not post images,

              In OWB : worflow: start -> «your proc» -> «your mapping» -> end_Success or else...

              Hope that helps

              • 5. Re: code cannot be generated in the mapping
                I created a very simple mapping with a sequence operator and a output mapping parameter. I connected the nextvalk to the output parameter. when I generate I am getting code cannot be generated.

                Can this be done at all. basically I am trying to get the nextval of a database sequence and use it for all my records in my mapping.