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    Error when extending VO and via SPEL in SSHR to control rendering a tab

      I am a freshman of OA Framework personalization. Please bear with me for the long description.

      After extending a VO (xxAbsenceDetailsVO), substitute for the original VO (AbsenceDetailsVO), load substitution with jpximport, and sftp all extended VO files to $JAVA_TOP, I can view the extended VO (xxAbsenceDetailsVO) and the added attribute (absenceRendering).
      Path: SSHR->My Information-> 'above this page' link-> click Absence tab -> 'Business Component References Details' from 'above this page' link-> View Objects-> xxAbsence.oracle.apps.per.selfservice.mgrviews.server.xxAbsenceDetailsVO ->absenceRendering attribute with type java.lang.Boolean.

      So I added SPEL to the 'rendered' properties ${oa.xxAbsenceDetailsVO.absenceRendering} to control one of the Absence tab (at Stack Layout: Absence) via personalization.
      When login, absenceRendering will return TRUE based on my employment and the tab render correctly.
      However, I got the following error message when trying to access it (Absence tab) which control by SPEL ${oa.xxAbsenceDetailsVO.absenceRendering}:

      Message not found. Application: FND, Message Name: FND_VIEWOBJECT_NOT_FOUND. Tokens: VONAME = xxAbsenceDetailsVO; APPLICATION_MODULE = oracle.apps.per.selfservice.mgrviews.server.EmpViewsAbsAM;

      Please advice how to resolve this error.
      Thanks in advanced.

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