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    AME : How can we write not in Condition in AME ?

      Hi ,

      I wanted to add some conditions like

      Requisition Category not in {(Office.Chairs),(Furniture.Tables)} how should I define the contion in AME
      I see only the condtion which show in...


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          Hi Chandra,
          just saw your post today.
          As of now AME does not provide operators like 'Not equal to', 'Not in' etc and there are SRs raised for this.
          However, this functionality can be achieved using following approach.

          - Create a PL/SQL function that checks for the category values you are interested in and returns a value TRUE/ FALSE OR 1/ 0 accordingly

          - In AME, create a dynamic attribute with a call to this function (depending upon the return data type used above)

          - Create a condition based on this attribute

          - Add this condition to the rule

          I'm just wondering what is your actual requirement for which you need to use NOT IN operator to exclude (?) some selected categories. Is it for an exception condition for which you want to send the requisitions to a different approval path or something like that?

          Note: While using boolean type attribute you need to use AME defined constants ame_util.booleanAttributeTrue and ame_util.booleanAttributeFalse. For numeric type attribute use fnd_number.number_to_canonical.

          - Supro
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