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    Timesten bus error on SQLDriverConnect()


      I experienced a bus error when trying to connect my application to TimesTen.

      Here is about my setup:
      HP Itanium server, HP-UX 11.23
      TimesTen 7.0.5 for Itanium 64 bits
      Application compiled in 64 bits mode with the with the TimesTen Client driver (-lttclient)
      The application build options are:
      gmake Makefile
      compile:gcc -I$(TIMESTEN_DIR)/include -D_HPUX_SOURCE -mlp64
      link: gcc -lxnet -mlp64 -L $(TIMESTEN_DIR)/lib -lttclient -lttutil

      With the debugger, I captured the following traces:
      Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error
      si_code: 1 - BUS_ADRALN - Invalid address alignment. Please refer to the following link that helps in handling unaligned data: http://docs.hp.com/en/7730/newhelp0610/pragmas.htm#pragma-pack-ex3.
      [Switching to thread 4 (system thread 973384)]
      0x9fffffffef75f830:0 in getsockopt ()
      at /ux/core/lan/src/STREAMS/libtli/x_getsockopt.c:61
      61 /ux/core/lan/src/STREAMS/libtli/x_getsockopt.c: No such file or directory.
      in /ux/core/lan/src/STREAMS/libtli/x_getsockopt.c
      (gdb) where
      #0 0x9fffffffef75f830:0 in getsockopt ()
      at /ux/core/lan/src/STREAMS/libtli/x_getsockopt.c:61
      #1 0x9fffffffef447ad0:0 in ConnectToSocket ()
      at /kenai/build/PreRelease705/odbc/utillib/promsgcmn.c:817
      #2 0x9fffffffef42e960:0 in startupConnection ()
      at /ds0/build/PreRelease705/VisiChannel/oc/src/voxtcpip.cpp:338
      #3 0x9fffffffef42d780:0 in CTcpip::DoConnect ()
      at /ds0/build/PreRelease705/VisiChannel/oc/src/voxptcon.cpp:182
      #4 0x9fffffffef3d0c80:0 in CCliOdbcDb::DbConn ()
      at /ds0/build/PreRelease705/VisiChannel/oc/src/vocdb.cpp:2278
      #5 0x9fffffffef3d26b0:0 in CCliOdbcDb::DriverConnect ()
      at /ds0/build/PreRelease705/VisiChannel/oc/src/vocdb.cpp:1221
      #6 0x9fffffffef39dae0:0 in SQLDriverConnect ()
      at /ds0/build/PreRelease705/VisiChannel/oc/src/vocapi.cpp:1546
      #7 0x4000000000035d60:0 in sqldb_connect_ds+0x280 ()
      #8 0x4000000000043990:0 in sqldb_connect_EIR+0x1e0 ()
      #9 0x40000000000945d0:0 in FV_EirThread (AS_EirThreadEnv=0x600000000069cfa0)
      at /usr/users/chthi/hpoc-add-uspm-hpuxv2/src/OCAdd_EirProcessing.c:418
      #10 0x9fffffffef6e03c0:0 in __pthread_bound_body ()
      at /ux/core/libs/threadslibs/src/common/pthreads/pthread.c:4585

      When I'm using cc instead of gcc, I still have the same issue.
      When I'm using the TimesTen Data Manager ODBC driver to connect to TimesTen (-ltten), I don't have this issue.
      The same application code running on Linux RedHat 32 bits does not show this issue with the TimesTen client driver.

      Chris Thiebot