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    FRM-41003: "This function cannot be performed here" error help!

      Hi ,
      I need to do a query on a multi-record block form. The block(employee) has the following fields

      emp_no emp_name emp_address start_date finish_date (in employee block)

      The query is to find employees whose start_date is between DATE1 and DATE2
      So I create 2 control items DATE1 and DATE2
      My plan is after user enter DATE1 and DATE2 and click execute query button then in
      Set_Block_Property('EMPLOYEE',DEFAULT_WHERE,'start_date between :control.date1 and :control.date2');

      When I click enter query icon and I always get FRM-41003: "This function cannot be performed here"

      Could you tell me what cause this error and how to fix it.

      Also I need do the validate to make sure DATE2>DATE1. I put this validate in execute-query trigger and does the job.
      Is this the right place to put this validation?

      Many Thanks