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      Hi guys,
      I'm looking at a Package called: FND_SIGNON in DBA_OBJECTS and the LAST_DDL_TIME is "2009/06/23 08:22:44 AM" and that's around the same time I started getting errors in APPS about this Package. Now I would like to know what was changed in that Package or what process was run in Oracle to change it. Or what was the Request ID or user id that populated that LAST_DDL_TIME. Is this info possible to find out? Oracle version is

      Thanks a lot
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          Oracle version

          However, you could look at the previous source by querying the DBA_SOURCE view using "flashback query." However, without knowing implementation details I can only guess that this may work.

          Or, if you have a version control system you could look at the previous version of the code against the current version to see what the differences are.

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            You mean: Oracle APPS version is

            And what do you get if you
            select banner from v$version;
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              Oracle version is
              Unless this is a typo, I assume you are giving us the version of the Oracle Applications Suite in use, not the version of the Oracle database.

              You may want to post this question in a forum dedicated to whatever application in the suite you are using. There is nothing in the Oracle database that has any idea what was changed unless you have enabled auditing. There may be something in the particular application you are using that has some sort of information-- the application presumably has a concept of a "Request ID"-- that's not something Oracle the database knows about.

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                Yes the Oracle Apps version is: This is what I get when running the script
                select banner from v$version
                Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
                PL/SQL Release - Production
                CORE     Production
                TNS for Linux: Version - Production
                NLSRTL Version - Production 
                Withi regards to using DBA_SOURCE view using "flashback query." I've never done this before, could you point me to the right direction or give me an example?
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                  As far as I know it's not possible to flashback a package.

                  You might want to look also in the [Database -General | http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=61&start=0] forum for threads regarding Flashback.
                  I believe that question has been asked there not too long ago.

                  And see the official docs ofcourse: http://www.oracle.com/pls/db102/search?remark=quick_search&word=flashback&tab_id=&format=ranked

                  Your other options are:

                  Ask the developers what they've been doing to that package ;)

                  See if the right version is backed up.
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                    Attackwave ORDIX
                    To flashback a source you can call
                    --eg. source before 10 days
                    --with user sys or flashback grant
                    SELECT text FROM dba_source AS OF TIMESTAMP SYSDATE - 10 WHERE owner = 'SYS' AND name = 'FND_SIGNON'
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                      Thanks, good to know!

                      "You cannot retrieve past data from a V$ view in the data dictionary. Performing a query on such a view always returns the current data. You can, however, perform queries on past data in other views of the data dictionary, such as USER_TABLES."