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    Cooperative Effort default value

    Jason ORCL
      In the application I am creating a PO with 2 non-cataloged items. It creates and the DFF for cooperative effort doesn't default to anything. It nakes the PO incomplete. How do I default this to 'No' or anything for that matter?

      Steps to recreate:
      1)Create a non-catalog requisition in iProcurement.
      2)Navigate to Purchasing Super User
      3)Add the req lines to create a new PO
      4)Click the create button to generate the new po
      5)The cooperative flag will not be populated.

      I need this flag to be populated.

      Any ideas where in the code it would be populated?
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          DFF that you are referring to is not a seeded oracle DFF. I assume its customer specific and at PO Header level.

          Goto Application Developer responsibility: Felxfield: Descriptive: Segments

          Application: Purchasing
          Title: PO Headers
          Context Field: Default Value: No

          this should work

          Ganesh G