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    ORDM installation issue in - 11g

      We are trying to install ORDM in ORacle 11g. We are following the steps in the installation guide -
      Page 26 of the latest installation guide - While doing the Deploy and execute the project. While executing step number 4 - "RBIA_INTRA_ETL_FLW" we are getting the following error -
      Any help will be really appriciated

      RPE-01003: An infrastructure condition prevented the request from completing.
      RPE-01038: Failed to evaluate expression declare "$LOOP_DETECT$" NUMBER := 0;function "RBIA_INTRA_ETL_FLW" return VARCHAR2 is "ITEM_TYPE" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13133));"ITEM_KEY" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13135));"V_PROCESS_NO" NUMBER := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13138));"EVAL_LOCATION" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13136));function "IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL" return VARCHAR2 is "WARNING" NUMBER := 2;"FUNCTION_NAME" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13286));"RETURN_RESULT_NUMBER" NUMBER := 1;"P_PROCESS_NO" NUMBER := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13291));"NUMBER_OF_ERRORS" NUMBER := 0;"SUCCESS" NUMBER := 1;"USE_RETURN_AS_STATUS" BOOLEAN := wb_rt_conversions.to_boolean(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13289));"ERROR" NUMBER := 3;"PACKAGE_NAME" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13287));"OK" NUMBER := 1;"FAILURE" NUMBER := 3;"AUDIT_ID" NUMBER := 13285;"RETURN_CODE" NUMBER := 1;"ODB_STORE_UOID" VARCHAR2(4000) := (owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13288));"NUMBER_OF_WARNINGS" NUMBER := 0;"RETURN_RESULT" VARCHAR(64) := 'OK';"PARENT_AUDIT_ID" NUMBER := 13132;"OK_WITH_WARNINGS" NUMBER := 2;"IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL" BOOLEAN := wb_rt_conversions.to_boolean(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(13290));begin "$LOOP_DETECT$" := "$LOOP_DETECT$" + 1;if "$LOOP_DETECT$" > 2 then raise_application_error(-20001, 'Loop detected calling "IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL"');end if;return to_char(CASE WHEN ("IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL"."IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL" =FALSE) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END);end;begin "$LOOP_DETECT$" := "$LOOP_DETECT$" + 1;if "$LOOP_DETECT$" > 2 then raise_application_error(-20001, 'Loop detected calling "RBIA_INTRA_ETL_FLW"');end if;return "IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL";end;begin :result := "RBIA_INTRA_ETL_FLW";end;. Please modify the expression, redeploy and retry again.
      ORA-06550: line 1, column 1537:
      PLS-00487: Invalid reference to variable 'IS_DERIVED_SUCCESSFUL'
      ORA-06550: line 1, column 1485:
      PL/SQL: Statement ignored

      packages are run to populate data but those packages are using some of the tables in BIA_RTL as the source to populate some aggregated /Calculated values into some other tables that are in bia_rtl so therefore we need to know how to populate those source tables.
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          ORDM is not an "off the shelf" product to run. You need to populate the Reference, Base and Lookup tables first.
          Which one you need to populate that depends on in which subject area you need to see reports.

          This is a generic data model for Retail industry, not all the tables are relevant for all the retail verticals. So to implement ORDM for practical purpose you need some consulting services.

          If you want to play with it, you can opt to install with the sample schema.

          Genex Technologies is a India based development partner of Oracle who were involved in developing this product for Oracle. YOU can contact Genex ORDM support at support@genexinfo.com, or info@genexinfo.com or directly to sureshav@genexinfo.com.

          Hope this helps


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