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    Listener.log size limit on Linux 64-bit

    Marko Sutic

      We have listener.log file growing very fast because of very active database. Every month or two I truncate that file to free up disk space but this time I forgot to truncate it for some time.

      File grew to 4294967352 bytes and stopped there on that size. Everything is working as it should with listener service - only listener.log file isn't updating.

      I've tried to search for more informations about listener.log size limit but haven't found answer that satisfies me.

      Where can I find more information why my listner.log file is limited to 4294967352 bytes?

      I suppose that this is some OS limit but how can I check this?

      It is Linux 64-bit OS with Oracle

      Thanks for possible answers and best regards,
      Marko Sutic