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    enterpriseone & world

      what's the differences between JDE enterpriseone and JDE world ?
      I heard of that one of them is fit for small company. really? which one?

      many many thanks
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Well, not sure I would agree that one is more fit for a small company, but if I had to guess, the one more likely to be more of a fit is JDE World? Why? JDE World is less complex than Enterprise One. Once installed and set up, and if not customized, it basically runs itself - very small staff needed to support it (thus consultants hate it, as cannot make any money on it). But World is basically dying out. Oracle is not really marketing World. Enterprise One is going to be the future, as much as there is one, for the old JDE software. The main difference is that World is green screen based (not windows looking), RPG is the sole programming language for it, and it runs on only one computer/operating system (IBM AS/400, or iSeries, or System i (IBM keeps changing the name of the hardware), and OS is OS/400). So makes purchasing hardware/OS very easy - you only have one choice. Enterprise One can run on several CPUs and several operating systems and has a windows look and feel. Actual business functions are pretty much the same between the two.

          John Dickey
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            thank you. Dickey

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