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    spaces in URIs

      I'm reading through the Oracle Semantic Technologies Dev Guide. Section 1.7.3, Loading Semantic Data Using INSERT Statements, says "Spaces are not allowed in URIs ...". Is this true for each mechanism for loading triples into 11g? The RDF specification uses URI references instead of URIs, which allows for spaces. Will each URI reference have to be %-encoded first?
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          SQL insert into the application table:
          insert into <apptab> values (sdo_rdf_triple_s('m1','<Los Angeles>','<is a>','<big city>'));

          Insert into staging table (followed by a bulk-load):
          insert into <stagingtable> (RDF$STC_sub,RDF$STC_pred,RDF$STC_obj) values ('<Los Angeles>','<is a>','<big city>');