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    Must issue a STARTTLS command first

      Hi, I hope anyone can help me.

      I'm trying to setup BPM Studio to send emails.
      I've been reviewing some previous threads but I couldn't find a solution.

      I want to use gmail or hotmail smtp but I get the following error:

      530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first.

      I've created an external resource to setup the SMTP.

      I will appreciate any help.


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          Dan Atwood
          Hi Matias,

          Sure you tried this, but in Studio could you double check something? Right mouse click the project's name in the Project Navigator's tab and then click "Engine Preferences". On the right in the "General" tab, what do you have entered in the "SMTP Mail Server Name" field?

          In previous versions I could use the MailSender component without entering the SMTP server's name here, but in Oracle BPM 10gR3 we're finding you have to have the SMTP server's name in this field.

          Hope this helps,
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            Thanks for your response.

            I've checked that, and both in Engine Preferences and in the External Resource I've the same SMTP Server.

            Do you know if anyone has previosly been able to use smtp.gmail.com to send mails through BMP Studio?

            It seems to be a TLS issue...

            Best Regards,

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              Dan Atwood
              Hi Matias,

              I poked arount this today and could not get gmail's StartTLS working in Oracle BPM either. Just as an experiment, I verified that I could send an email using another client (Eudora) using my Gmail account. Using the smtp server "smtp.gmail.com" and port 587 and marking it "StartTLS". This worked like a charm.

              Unfortunately, as you've seen - when configuring an Outgoing Email Service (right mouse click "External Resources" -> "New External Resource" -> click the "Type" dropdown and click "Mail Outgoing Service") none of the 4 options are "STARTTLS". I thought either "SSL" or "TLS" would have worked but they don't.

              Other than hand coding Java, I'm not sure there's a good answer for you since it appears StartTLS is not supported in Oracle BPM.

              Is it possible you might be able to use another SMTP outgoing service? Most companies I've worked with in the past have made their SMTP service available that does not require StartTLS.