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    EXPDP ORA-39006: internal error (Windows to Linux)

      Hello, I have the error ORA-39006 in this situation:

      I have a Client 10gR1 into a Windows machine, and I have an Oracle Database in other server with Linux which I want export Data Pump.

      The Database have a directory called DTPUMP that points to the windows machine (because this directory is mounted by cifs).

      Until this all is OK, but when I execute:

      D:\Clientes\Ora10g\BIN\expdp.exe system/<password>@srvdb01-girprtes FULL=Y DIRECTORY=DTPUMP DUMPFILE=SRVDB01-GIRPRTESDP.dmp

      appear the following error:

      Export: Release - Production on Jueves, 02 Julio, 2009 12:31

      Copyright (c) 2003, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

      Conectado a: Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit Production
      ORA-39006: internal error

      I was investigating but I don´t find an specific solution or if this is possible with this version of Oracle Client and Database.

      Any suggestions?