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    OWB and Intra-ETL

      Hi. Just a few points regarding OWB + IntraETL.

      After installing the ORDM sample, with still one error in the OLAP side and poor performance (something to work on later).. but working ... I tried to import the mdl file into OWB like defined in the guide to manipulate the optional IntraETL.

      I did a simple search in the folders that are provided by the RDM installer, but the MDL name that the guide refers don't match with the existent one.

      Actually, there are several mdl files with distinct contents in the provided folder /PDM structure - some are even not mentioned in the documentation.

      I tried to import them all to see which one is correct:

      ORDM_INTRA_ETL.mdl - 409KB
      ORDM_INTRA_ETL.mdl - 416KB
      ORDM_INTERFACE.mdl - 8141KB
      and this one.. INTRA_ETL_OWB_PROCESSFLOW.mdl 159KB when unzipping the jars.

      At this moment I am trying to create a Location in OWB and looking at the guide I need to create a ETL_LOC_DEMO. Again ETL_DEMO doesn't exist, the guide is not correct, or am I missing something?

      Nevertheless I can see inside one project that the ORDM_DERIVE_AGGREGATE exists. Good! I have created a location to BIA_RTL but can't see this location appearing inside the Identification property, Location and Streams Administrator. Is there any issue on OWB and these mdl files?

      Appreciate any feedback...


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          your question is not clear me. You created the ETL_LOC_DEMO location for what purpose?

          There are mdl files that used by the installer for sample schema and ETL installation. those details are not mentioned in the Installation guide.
          If you can clearly mention which page, which section of guide is not matching with the product, that will be helpful.

          If you have created a location in OWB and that is not visible from other related interfaces, then probably it is a OWB bug. You can post that issue in a OWB forum.

          For OLAP, I would like to know what machine configuration you are using? OLAP is resource hungry and needs some tuning after creating it. Still OLAP cubes with business contents will be very resource hungary.

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            Hello s'mon. Thanks for the reply.

            I see! You mean that when I extract the jars directly there are some mdl's that exist, and they are not mentioned because they will
            be only used by the installer and never manually imported. Is that correct?

            Page 24 installation guide: Configure the ORDM_INTRA_ETL Project.

            1. Create a metadata location in OWB for which the corresponding schema is the
            database schema where all Oracle Retail Data Model-related objects are available
            and installed. For example, create a metadata location named ETL_DEMO_LOC
            under the ETL_DEMO schema where all Oracle Retail Data Model-related objects
            are available.
            +> The ETL_DEMO schema? I don't have it!+

            I just created a normal location to the BIA_RTL schema. Correct?

            Sucess connection!

            2. Right-click the data module ORDM_DERIVE_AGGREGATE, and select Open
            +> I did it ok!+

            3.Change the Metadata Location and the Data Location of the data module of the
            imported project to the location defined in the first step. In this example, change
            the location to ETL_DEMO_LOC.
            +> No location appears in the comboboxes of the ORDM_DERIVE_AGGREGATE properties. I will write this in the OWB forum.+

            Regarding OLAP, Shankar S. explain me already that the OLAP option is really resource hungry, so I am leaving that to the end. I was
            trying to configure everything inside a VM for my POC, but I realized that I need a real machine to test the OLAP part with minimal performance!!

            Thanks again for the help s'mon.

            Best regards,
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              Your First Assumption is correct: some of the MDLs will be used only by the installer.

              "For example, create a metadata location named ETL_DEMO_LOC
              under the ETL_DEMO schema where all Oracle Retail Data Model-related objects
              are available. "

              Here both name of the location ("ETL_DEMO_LOC") and name of the schema ("ETL_DEMO") are examples. If you have installed ORDM in BIA_RTL schema, then "ETL_DEMO" is nothing but BIA_RTL. I agree this is not a good example though. You can name these 2 as "MY_LOC" and "MY_SCHEMA".

              "Right-click the data module ORDM_DERIVE_AGGREGATE, and select Open

              In the editor you will see 3 tabs among them you will have "Data Location" and "Metadata Location". In these tabs you will see some locations ate already selected. You need to change them to the location you have created. for example if you have created MY_LOC, then "MY_LOC" will be visible in the dropdown and the select areas in those tabs. If you are not seeing that (did you registered after creating the locations?) you need to seek help from OWB forums.

              Hope this helps.

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