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    Split PO Line into multiple shipments

      Hi ,

      I have following situation on our PO.
      We create a PO with line info as


      ABC 1-JUN-08 100 1000

      we provide this to supplier and after their assesment after a week or so supplier gives back tentive ship date

      1-JUN-08 300
      3-JUN-08 400
      5-JUN-08 300.

      we have a requirement based on this information. We need to split the PO line automatically using this information...so above line has be to split automatically as following


      ABC 1-JUN-08 100 300
      ABC 3-JUN-08 100 400
      ABC 5-JUN-08 100 300

      can we do this using PO Open Interface?

      I have checked PO_CHANGE_API1_S. This API allows to update the existing shipment. I need to know how to add a new shipment.

      We are using R12.

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          shipments can be added to the pO

          suppose u have 1000 qty on th epo line
          IF u go to the shipments tab, there would be one line there with 1000 qty , ship to and bill to

          edit the 1000 quantity to 300 and move to next line, the balnce of 700 would appear automatically..
          edit the 700 to 400 and move no next line..balance of 300 would appear automatically..u can alao entre needby dates ,ship to loc and bill to loc there

          Hope that helps