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    Calling packaged procedure from a URL link

      I have created a custom APEX application the will allow us to dynamically build help screens for the pages we create with APEX.

      In doing this I have created a procedure within a package called "comi_help_util.show_help".
      This procedure uses the "htp.p" standard procedure to create a dynamic web page from data stored inside my help tables.

      I want to place a "Help" link in the Navigation Bar which will call the custom procedure, pass the APP_ID and APP_PAGE_ID and popup in a new window.

      I tried doing something like the Help link in APEX.
      Unfortunately, I get "HTTP 404 - Web page cannot be found" error.

      I know I could probably call a page within my APEX application from my custom Help link which would then call my custom procedure.
      However, this means I would have to put a page within every application I want to use this on.
      I believe the call to the procedure directly would be cleaner and easier to implement, if I can get this working on my first app.

      I have never called a procedure thru a URL link or the javascript:popupURL and, try as I might, cannot search for the right keywords in the APEX forum or the Web.

      Any help would be appreciated.