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    Accessing 64-bit Oracle from 32-bit ODBC


      I am installing a software using 32-bit ODBC for connection to Oracle.
      The server has been installed by our client and has the following specs:
      - AMD Opteron Processor 280
      - Windows server 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition SP2
      - Oracle 10g Release - 64bit
      - Both a 32-bit and a 64-bit client has been installed

      Using the 32-bit ODBC administrator I can add the "Oracle in OraClient10g_home1" driver, but I can't find the right database, only lots of other databases our client has on other servers.
      If I go to the 64-bit ODBC administrator I can find the right database and noting else, using the driver "Oracle in OraClient_home".

      How can I get the 32-bit ODBC client to connect to the 64-bit database?