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    Need help in FDM data manipulations


      I am fairly new to Hyperion FDM and still learning its features with Planning. I have following scenario.

      I need to move my data from Dept ABC to Dept XYZ when the account = '10000'. I have both the ABC and XYZ depts in my Planning system.

      Is there a way I can accomplish this in FDM? I am looking at the document, but not sure where to look at it.

      If you can provide some insight on this that will be great.

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          John A Booth
          Hi NM,

          Please see my response to your question on the Network 54 forum.

          FDM is really intended to perform data loads from a source system than move data around within the cube.

          Your requirement is somewhat ambiguous and it sounds like you want to move a specific piece of data that resides within the planning cube already rather than make all future data load like this. Presuming this is a one time activity you may consider using a calc script/business rule.

          You will find that may people use both forums and posting to one is a more effective way to rely on people answering your queries.