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    Approval hierarchy for Move Orders

      Could we have an approval hierarchy for Move Orders to allow amount-based approvals ?

      The business process is as follows:

      An eAM Work Order is created for electrical work. For the WO, Foreman finds he needs 2 of Item A, 1 of Item B, 4 of Item C and 6 of Item D. Item A costs $100, B $500, C $250 and D $300. So, the total material requirement for this WO is (2*$100 + 1*$500 + 4*$250 + 6*$300) = $3500 TTD. So, now Move Order is generated. If Foreman doesn’t have authorization to get $3500 from Stores, it should go his supervisor. Not necessarily a name but could be a position like Materials Manager. Once, Supervisor approves, Move Order generates Pick Slip and material is issued to the eAM Work Order.
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