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    Profile PO: Use SHIP-TO for default autocreate grouping not working

      The Profile option "PO: Use Ship-to for Default Autocreate grouping" has been set to "Yes".
      But the functionality is not working as intended.

      1. Autocreate PO from number of PRs
      a. Add PR 81888 for item A with 5 pieces for centre ABC
      b. Add PR 81858 for item A with 3 pieces for centre DEF
      c. Save and PO number is 68158 (not yet approved and send out to supplier)
      2. Autocreate PO from another PR (add to the same PO automatically)
      a. Add PR 82651 for item A with 4 pieces for centre DEF to the same PO #68158

      Problem: The PO 68158 for the item A generated with total 12 pieces,
      Distribution Line 1: ABC with qty 9
      Distribution Line 2: DEF with qty 3

      The above functionality is intended to work when profile PO: Use Ship-to for Default Autocreate grouping is set to

      Inspite of setting the profile option PO: Use Ship-to for Default Autocreate grouping" to "Yes". The grouping is not happening according to the "Ship to". It still gets appended to wrong shipment. The bug happened regardless of the autocreate grouping profile.

      Did you face this problem too. Please advise any workaround. Many thanks.