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    iSupplier portal - reject action at the shipment level (R11)


      Supplier can perform Accept, Change or Reject actions at the shipment level. The two first actions are quite straight forward to understand, but could you please advise what are the results of doing a reject? Ther is not much about it in the user guide.

      To be more precise, are there any other situations that this information is used, beside that it can be found in the iSupplier Portal? The problem is that we have a very little visibility on the line status while using the standard Purchase Orders Summary forms. And after all lines have been assigned a status by our supplier, the Acceptance Required flag is removed from the PO no matter if there are any rejects on lines or not.

      Could you also please advise which database table holds this particular iSupplier portal shipment status information?

      Thank you all in advance.