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    What is a SETID?

      What is the whole logic behind a set ID? I know this is a loaded question.. but i think it's at the core of peoplesoft and if I don;t understand it, i don't understand peoplesoft. I know you can have multiple set ids but usually it encompasses a whole lot of things. Any answer or documentation/links appreciated.
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          Ex PeopleBooks "An identification code that represents a set of control table information or TableSets. A TableSet is a group of tables (records) necessary to define your company’s structure and processing options." Set IDs are a fundamental element of PeopleSoft configuration that enable flexibility and control of control data

          SetIDs - are used to group control data

          •     Store master data applied against transactions
          •     Are updated infrequently
          •     Define accounting structure and processing rules
          •     Reflect business policies, organisational structure and/or processing rules, i.e. a logical grouping relative to where the controls are to be applied
          •     Prime key field on control tables
          •     Data is usually effective dated

          Business Units - are used to group transactions

          •     Store data about day-to-day business activities
          •     Are updated frequently
          •     Define restrictions and defaults
          •     Control reporting and/or security
          •     Reflect how operations are organised, i.e. a logical grouping relative to the module function
          •     Prime key field on transaction tables

          When a business unit is created, a setID of the same name is also created.
          When a business unit is created, it is linked to a default setID (which may or may not be the one automatically created).
          SetIDs can be created independent of a business unit, e.g. SHARE.
          When business units are created they update records BUS_UNIT_TBL_FS and BUS_UNIT_TBL_XX (where XX represents the module) and will also update external systems (e.g. HR) if service operations (messages) for business units are active.

          Data keyed by the same SetID is called a TableSet.

          The combination of Business Unit and Set ID are effectively applied against a record group (a collection logically and functionally created control tables) and enable a mixing and matching of control tables with transactions (affected by those control tables). This is referred to as TableSet Control. This provides an efficient and flexible configuration platform. It minimises maintenance and determines and controls lookup values available to users.

                    Set ID
          _Business Unit     Record Group     USA01     CAN01     SHARE
          USA01      Account               x
          USA01     Department     x          
          USA01     Customers               x
          USA01     Pay Groups     x          
          CAN01     Locations               x
          CAN01      Account               x
          CAN01     Department          x     
          CAN01     Customers               x
          US01     Pay Groups          x     
          US01     Locations               x

          In this example, a new account would only need to be added once (against setID SHARE) for it to be available for both business units. But if both USA and Canadian business units wanted to have a pay group of say 20TH (payable on the 20th of the month following), then that pay group would need to be created against both setIDs USA01 and CAN01 to be available for both of them to use. Furthermore, if both USA and Canadian business units both refer to the same set of locations , it would be silly not to have them run off the same setID.

          IMPORTANT: When determining whether or how to apply tableset control, the contents of the record group must be examined and the implications of any change considered on all of the tables within the record group.

          Hope that helps.
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            Thanks, you've provided a lot of good info.
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              Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks!