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      Per the directions from the "Semantic Technologies Developer's Guide" I am attempting to execute the catsem11i.sql script against a new Oracle 11g installation. When I execute this script using the "Oracle SQL Developer" application the script seems to run fine until I receive the following warning, then nothing. Has anyone else experienced this (I would like to think that this is hardly a unique occurrence) and, if so, what does it mean and how did you remedy this problem?

      Thank you!

      Warning: execution completed with warning
      PACKAGE BODY rdf_apis_internal Compiled.
      0/0 PLS-00753: malformed or corrupted wrapped unit
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          The sql file with code of this package seems to be like text file but it IS NOT. If you try to look at it with any text editor and you (or your editor) made any change inside then error PLS-00753 is expected. If you are sure this file is unchanged then this is a bug.
          Download the file once again and run it.

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            Thank you very much. I will try executing it again but I opened the file directly through SQL Developer without previously opening it in any other editor. I will see if I can find the script online and try downloading a "fresh" copy to execute.
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              If SQL Developer still gives you the same error, could you please try using SQL*Plus?


              Zhe Wu
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                Thank you very much for all your help