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    all_objects, dba_objects, user_objects

      hi guys, Please help me out about the difference between all_objects, dba_objects, user_objects.

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              hi shanthi,
              all_objects is show you all objects of current and those object which you have rights to access.
              dba_objects show all object of all users .
              user_objects show you the current user objects.

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                best one!!!
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                  1004174 wrote:
                  best one!!!
                  Not necessarily. It gave you the OP the immediate answer to your immediate question, but did nothing to help make you more self-sufficient by learning to use the documentation, or presenting the principles that you could apply to similar questions in the future

                  Here's a general principle:
                  In the naming of the fixed views,

                  DBA_anything lists all of 'anything' in the entire database
                  ALL_anything lists all of 'anything' that the user making the request has been granted access to
                  USER_anyting lists all of 'anything' that the user making the request owns

                  -- I just noticed that this was a reply to a very old thread. And for what? Just another argument in favor of the new forum automatically locking threads after a certain period of dormancy.

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