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    Oracle BI Spreadsheet Addin connection to Olap AW questions

      BI Beans


      We are running Oracle 10g OLAP ( and using OracleBI Spreadsheet Addin

      We want to disdtribute workbooks to users with the following worksheets:

      Chart Worksheet : Showing Graph(s) of Queries in Report Worksheet
      Report Worksheet : Contains a queries to the AW (created by report developers)
      Dynamic Report Worksheet : Contains a query that the users can use to investigate the figures in the Report Worksheet

      All our queries are done using only one AW.

      1) How do we lock the first two worksheets but still give the users the ability to refresh the data in those worksheets ?
      2) How do we refresh a query, worksheet or workbook using a User ID other than the one used to create the query ?
      3) How do we automate the login process using macros ?
      4) How do we get the connection details and pass it on to the "BIA_Refresh()" macro ?
      5) Is there any other documentation out there regarding Oracle BI Spreadsheet Addin that can help us achieve what we are trying to do?