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    reg : mtl_item_categories_interface

      Hi all,
      I am trying to upload data into inventory thru use of interface any api.
      what i did is i created a temporary staging table and added data to it then moved the data to MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES_INTERFACE .noW trying to move this data to base tables by using pl./sql code ,apis and seeded programs. But unsucceessful .

      Could anybody give me a possible solution to do the same
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          Once you run the "Import Items" seeded program what's the error you are facing i mean any error messages in the Log file?.

          And also in the interface you can see the error message column for what reason it has failed to load into base tables.

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            Please find the navigation for importing Item Categories from interface table to base table.

            Inventory>Items>Import>Import Item Category Assignments.

            This should create item categories in inventory.


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              Hi before using the mtl_item_categories_interface you have load all the ietms into inv with the help of mtl_system_items_interface when you do this automatically a default category id and category set_id will be assigned to the loaded items. so when you try to insert it wont take it. instead you have to update the category and category set id if necesaary..so the status should be update and you should provide the defalut category and category set id and along with the desired category id and category set id which you wish to populate. still facing the issue post me ur code I will correct it as i already did this conversions
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                have a look at the more4apps item wizard, this would be an ideal tool to load categories.