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    Enterprise or Standard edition?

      Hello, I have an Oracle RAC with 3 nodes on oracle 10gR2. I want to enable partitioning option, but oracle says me that ora-00439: feature not enabled. Then I read on the web it's necessary oracle enterprise edition. I don't know if I have Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition. When I run the follow sql staments:

      select * from v$version;

      Don't appear the word Enterprise, then I supposed that I have standard edition, however if I run the runInstaller and I go to Installed Products, I see enterprise editions products. If I continue in the runInstaller and I select the custom edition, it's automatically select the oracle partitioning option and shows me for installing because says that it's not installed. Also, I read on the internet that transportable tablespace is a feature only for EE and it's not available for SE, however from my Enterprise manager I see the option for tablespace transportable and it's look like work.

      Can anyone help me, please??
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            Yes, it's the same that when I execute select * from v$version. It does not say enterprise word, however I have transportable tablespace and in the runInstaller I have some products installed about enterprise edition.
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              Tim Boles
              Just because you have the ability to install products does not mean that you have the license to install those products. You need to check with Oracle Support using your CSI (Customoer Support Identifier) and they will be able to guide you.

              Again, just because you can does not mean that you should. No one in this forum can tell you what you are licensed to be able to use.

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                ok, I understand it, I know my CSI is about SE, and if I have the EE installed I want to downgrade, but before of that, I need know which version I have installed it. Of course, If I have a superior version like EE I downgrade my installation, but how to I know which version of oracle I have installed it?

                Do you understand me?

                PD: Excuseme but my english is very bad.
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                  Tim Boles
                  I really think that your best bet is to look at Metalink Article 139642.1 "Converting An Enterprise Edition Database To Standard Edition".

                  The best bet you have is to install the Standard Edition, look at the options, and then you will know which options don't belong.

                  You can also do a search on Metalink "Differences Between Enterprise, Standard and Personal Editions"

                  You will find several articles.

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                    you can install partitioning but before you start to use it you must licence this product.

                    How to check Oracle 10g is Standard or Enterprise Edition

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                      Ok, I read that documents, and in my context file, appear "SE", then I have the Standard Edition. I execute "select * from v$option" and none of features about enterprise edition are enabled. I'm looking for the prize of oracle's options, but I don't know if I can license the oracle partitioning option with my Standar Edition, ie, I have 3 licences of oracle standard edition and I want purchase 3 licenses of oracle partitioning for my database without upgrade to EE. It is possible?

                      According to http://www.dba-oracle.com/art_so_oracle_standard_enterprise_edition.htm, it is possible, but in the rest of the web I always see that it's not possible, and I don't know.

                      Can anyone help me?
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                        call to Oracle Sales they give you all information.

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                          Yes, my boss or chief (my english is very bad) must call to my oracle sales, but he is on holidays, and I only want if with my SE can I enabled and license the oracle partitioning option.
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                            Tim Boles
                            Ok Simply put SE does NOT have partitioning.

                            Supporting Facts:
                            1) The Ability to do something does not mean you have the Right to do it.
                            2) Oracle SE does NOT have a partitioning option. If you are seeing it DON"T install it.
                            3) REFERENCES:
                            METALINK SEARCH - "ORACLE DATABASE LICENSE"
                            DOC ID: 465465.1

                            ORACLE.COM SEARCH - "ORACLE DATABASE LICENSE"
                            See on page:
                            Oracle Database Editions

                            FROM DOCUMENT
                            Feature/Option SE1 SE EE Notes
                            Oracle Partitioning N N Y Extra cost option

                            Can I say it any clearer. Standard Edition (SE) does not have Oracle Partitioning. If you are seeing it as an option then DO NOT install it or you will be out of compliance. CONTACT ORACLE SUPPORT FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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                              Ok, thanks you very much. I will wait for my boss come back for his holidays, and he call our oracle sales. Then he want use oracle partitioning, we have to license to EE, and we have to upgrade from SE to EE.

                              Thanks you very much!!!