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    oracle 11g init.ora file

      1) I am a bit confused with init.ora file format in oracle 11g. In addition=
      to the usual entries that are prefixed with *.<parameter>, it also has ent=
      ries prefixed with <sid>.__<parameter>. I am not able to find an explanatio=
      n of these <sid>__ entries from oracle 11g documentation. I am told by a co=
      lleague that they are for instance, to cater for multiple-instances databa=
      ses. Is that correct?

      2) The presence of the <sid>.__ entries confuse me since some parameters ap=
      pear in both <sid>__ and *. sections. What if the values for the same param=
      eter are different, which one is used by oracle? I guess it's the <sid>.__ =

      3) In my case the database has only 1 instance, so I guess I can remove all=
      <sid>.__ entries and only work with *. entries?