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    what is Pre-Packaged Adaptor configuration?

      Hello Folks,

      i was going through some articles on net and i found this term "Pre-Packaged Adaptor configuration"
      where Pre-Packaged is BI APPS rpd and dashboards which are ready with metadata
      and i understand that Adaptor configuration is something we have to do to connect the backend DW to the RPD and then Dashboards
      customizations can be done in rpd and dashboards as neccesary, and how is this adaptor cofiguration acheived.

      can we configure DAC for PeopleSoft EPM db to transform peoplesoft data to analytics DW, or we can direclty use Peoplesoft OLTP to transform data into analytics data warehouse.

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          Hi Kumr,

          BI Apps has nothing to do with EPM. You use Hypherion to connect to EPM.

          However. With BI apps you can connect multiple ERP systems through adapters like the peoplesoft adapter.
          If you connect this peoplesoft adapter to your database and to peopletools it will ETL your sourcedata in a predefined datawarehouse.
          On this datawarehouse there is a predefined OBIEE repository and there are some predefined dashboards already made for you in the presentation service.

          Your other question about the DAC. You need the DAC indeed to say what workflows informatica has to run. For this there is also a standard repository...

          So you 'just' connect BIA to peoplesoft, start the DAC and after that, you can see dashboards and reports.

          Hope this helps.