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    dbms_scheduler (sending email f a failed job occured)

      hi guys,

      how do i

      1) configure a scheduler job to automatically send me an email if the scheduler job failed due to some reason as stated in (user_scheduler_log).

      i have read the administrator guide on scheduler events

      and i believe that i have to somehow enqueue the event and dequeue it.

      if that is the case, wouldn't i have to have another application/job running that monitor this event queue 24/7 (so that if its sees any error event, it will send an email to me)

      then wouldnt i have an infinite loop?

      a job to monitor the event, and also subscribe this job to another queue so that another job will monitor this queue and the list goes on.. ?

      2) in my application, i have some error handling exception case whereby i need to send an email.

      i understand i can do this with UTL_MAIL package.

      what else or information do i need to get (or convey to the system admin) in the server (for the configuring of email) - i am a nut in emails server.