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    can anyone plz give a solution to this PO approval case

      we are facing some problem which i will explain in the following example

      there are 4 users A>B>C ,D..and we are using Position approval hierarchy..user A is on top, below him is user B and then below B are C and D

      C makes a PO which goes to B who has an approval group assigned to him for approving standard purchase orders.the approval group has account range and amount range defined

      User D also belong to same ORG as user C and makes PO`s too..but his PO`s should go to user A after getting approved from user B..we have a problem here now..how can we handle this case..D`s PO should go to B and then to A while C`s PO should go to B and stop there..we cant assign an approval group to both A and B..it doesnt solve the problem, i have tried it..
      we cant use different account ranges in approval group since both C and D belong to same ORG and have same material A/c

      Can anyone plz help

      Hope the above case is explained easily by me
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