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    AIA error handling framework on OSB

      Hi ,

      we are trying to explore possibilities of using AIA error handling Framework(AIA FP 2.4) with OSB . If anyone has idea or worked on this. Please let me know.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Mohan Krishna
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          Vijay Guda-Oracle
          The AIA Error Handling framework's Java code has not yet been ported as part of FP onto OSB.
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            Hi Mohan,
            There are multiple approaches you could consider based on the use case. One approach is to use OSB error Handling capabilities to do the error capture and push the faulted messages to AIA Error Handling Framework for consistent error reporting (using existing AsyncErrorHandlingBPELProcess). You could also extend the AIA EH Framework, the fault message and handlers to suit OSB specific requirements.
            Please contact me offline and we can discuss options best suited for your implementation.

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              I have created one BPEL ErrorMessageGenerator. This BPEL is calling AIAAsyncErrorHandlerBPELProcess whenever wn error occurs.
              I have also configured the Error NOtification page on AIA Console using serviceName as ErrorMessageGenerator and Error_type "Custom" and Error EXT Handler = "Custom_EXT".
              Then I created one more BPEL which listen to AIA_Error_Topic and fetch the message if JMSCorelationID = "Custom". But this is not working. The Defualt behaviour is working not this custom one.

              How we can set the JMSCorrelationID to some other value than the Default?
              Please Help.