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    Need of HFM

      Hello All,

      can anyone tell me what is the exact need of HFM,HFR and smartview. i mean exact purpose and use of these?

      i also need exact definitions of these?

      Please help me out.

      Thanks in Advance,

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          HFM - Is a financial consolidation package. Since we have multiple general leder (GL) packages we use it to consolidate all the GL information into one place and consolidate the data for reporting and SEC requirments.

          Smartview - Allows users to view data that is in HFM "on demand" with reports customized to the user's needs. It can be used with the Ad Hoc tool or hard coded formulas. Smartview can also be used to load data back to HFM. Smartview can also be used with Essbase.

          FDM - We use FDM to import GL files, map the GL accounts, entities, and so forth to HFM accounts, entities, and so forth and then export the information from FDM to HFM.

          HFR - Don't know
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            Many thanks for your prompt reply

            Thanks in Advance,

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              Can you plz tell me if it is possible to create journals in HFM and reflect them back in EBS?

              many thanks
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                Assuming EBS is Essbase:

                I'm not that familiar with Essbase and it's capabilities but I do know we use Extended Analytics in HFM to bring data from HFM to Essbase. You can include the value dimensions that hold the journal amounts when you use this.

                There may be other/better ways but I do not know them.