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    Can Multiple Approval Groups be assigned to single Document in Appl Assgn


      question 1:

      Can any one please let me know if we can assign multiple Approval Groups to a single Document in Approval Assignment. Example as below

      Approved Standard Purchase Order Document assigned with 2 Approval Groups as below:

      Note: each Approval Group is defined with Item range and account range .

      Item 1 = 5000(monetary limit) & Account range = 5000 (monetary limit)
      Item 2 = 0 (monetary limit) & Account range = 0 (monetary limit)

      Approver A should have the approval limit for Item 1 = 5000 and Item 2 = 0 .

      In order to have different approval limits for different items can we create multiple approval group and assigned to singe document.

      question 2:
      Can any one explain the difference between Document total and Account range in Approval groups.

      Document total = 5000 (monetary limit)
      Account range = 100 (monetary limit)

      While approving the document which monetary limit will be considered for approval by workflow.

      Thanks in advance.