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    Web Cache and Web Browser Detection

      We have a case where based on the browser, we want to redirect the content to the apropriate page / server. Is this possible with Web Cache? I know you can do this kind of thing in Squid, but we have Web Cache in place now and I'd like to use this if possible.

      So, from a reverse proxy perspective, is this doable? If so, how would I go about doing this.


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          Shail Goel-Oracle
          Help me understand it. Are you saying you would want to have one site with two (or more) site-to-server mappings defined in Web Cache and based on the client's browser type or version redirect request to one of those origin servers?

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            We would have one site, with mutlipe origin servers. However, the pages on those servers may vary based on the web browser. I think I can do this using some HTTP header information provided inside of Web Cache. Alternatively, we might want to push this traffic to a completely different origin server. Is this typically done? Has anyone done this before? If not, we would be having to proxy to the actual page.


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              Hi BradW,
              The way this is supposed to be done in Web Cache is by keeping separate copies of a cached page for different types of browsers distinguished by User-Agent header.
              In case of cache miss, Web Cache expects origin servers to return appropriate version of the page based on browser type, and the page from the origin server is just forwarded back to browser.
              Here, if the page is cacheable, Web Cache retains a separate copy for each type of User-Agent header value.
              And when there is a hit on this cached page, Web Cache returns the version of page with the User-Agent header that matches the request.
              Check out the config screen titled "Header Association" for this feature.
              About forwarding requests to different origin servers based on User-Agent header value, Web Cache does not have such capability.