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        Gert Poel
        Interesting discussion on Forms 11g en Designer.
        After questions of customers, I summarized this a bit on our blog: http://iadviseblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/designer-and-forms-11g/
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          Designer will be desupported December 2011.
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            Mark Striekwold
            Designer will be desupported December 2011.
            I know a lot of companies who are still using designer. They have Forms applications which still meets their requirements. What will be the options to continue the current development method and still have support. Those companies have invested a lot in their environments and since it meets their requirements they don't want to migrate.

            What will then be the options to develop the same way as designer? Then we will get back into the discussion in this forum about SDDM.

            Can Designer become available as kind of an open source tool?


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              There was some discussion of open sourcing Designer earlier in the thread.

              De-support doesn't mean that it won't work anymore, it just means that if you have a problem, you are on your own. And not totally on your own - you can always ask here. :)

              We still have Forms 6i client-server applications, where 6i was de-supported long ago (in computer years), and they work as well as they ever have, and we've even made a few changes since de-support. I've even tested on Windows 7, and it seems to work. Needs more testing though, and we're still on XP for production for the time being.

              However, that said, eventually something in your environment is going to change in a way that will no longer work. What if Windows 7 doesn't work and you have to buy new workstations that only come with Windows 7? What if it doesn't work with Oracle 11gR2 and you need to upgrade Oracle for another project? You have to be prepared for that day.

              We are preparing for that day with our Forms 6i applications by re-writing them one by one in JDeveloper/ADF. With my Designer Web PL/SQL generated applications, I'm considering a move to Application Express. Nice thing about the move to ApEx is that a lot of the generated PL/SQL left over from Designer will be reusable - for instance, it is possible to make ApEx update tables through a Designer TAPI. Most of Designer's models and diagrams can be imported into SQL Developer Data Modeler.
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                The company I am working for is taking over responsibility for an Oracle Designer 10 application.
                Due to Oracle Designer is an outdated development environment we are looking for potential solutions how to get rid of Designer without completely redeveloping or replacing the application.
                One options we thought about is to switch off Designer and only continuing to use Oracle Forms 11.
                Do anyone of you have experience in this area which you would like to share?

                Best regards,
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                  SQL Developer Data Modeler will take over the Data modeling and there is a migration path for designer applications.

                  You can find this at:

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                    Jan Willem Vermeer
                    Hello all,

                    I think it is time to start an action to Oracle. We can NOT work without Designer! Everybody knows that there is no other tool in which you can accomplish the same tasks regarding entities, attributes, tables, columns, plsql modules, forms and reports generation etc etc etc. Does anybody know if anyone is already gathering a list of users who want to keep Designer alive ?

                    Oracle is only saying java, java, java, java and java. Unbelievable. JDeveloper is so bad, that Oracle had to create JHeadstart to gain a little bit efficiency... But it is still not comparable with the Designer functionality.

                    By the way, if you are looking for a real alternative for Forms, take a look at http://theformspider.com/. Your knowledge of PLSQL is not wasted!

                    Regards, Jan Willem
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