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    problem in doing cycle counts

      I defined a new cycle count with the parameters in Scope and control, Serial and schedule, Adjustments and ABC

      Than I performed full cycle count like this
      Tools> Perform full cycle count
      I entered parameters for Cycle count listing, Generate cycle count requests and Generate AutomaticSchedule requests and submitted
      Than when the requests completed, i went on cycle count entries but no items appear when i choose the cycle count

      It gives this error in the footer of the form
      FRM-40350: Query caused no records to be retrieved

      I am doing this on vision instance as test which is to be done on Live once succesful

      Can someone plz advice/help

      R12 is the version
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Are there any items in your org where the cycle count flag on item master is enabled?

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Yes..All items are cycle count enabled.This paramater is checked for all
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              Please check for the below 4 necessary setups.

              1). All items that are to be included in the cycle count process need to have the Cycle Count Enabled flag checked ON. Navigation : INV / Items / Master Items / Inventory tab.

              select cycle_count_enabled_flag, count(*) from mtl_system_items_b where
              select inventory_item_id from apps.mtl_cycle_count_items
              where cycle_count_header_id in (select cycle_count_header_id from mtl_cycle_count_headers
              where cycle_count_header_name = '&Your_CC_name')
              and organization_id = '&Organization_id'
              group by cycle_count_enabled_flag

              2). When attaching Classes to a Cycle count, make sure that you have entered an appropriate number (by class) for the number of times you want the items in that class counted.
              Navigation: INV / Counting / cycle counting / cycle counts / query cycle count / click on classes

              3). Make sure you re-initialize when you make changes to the cycle count definition.
              Navigation: INV / Counting / cycle counting / cycle counts / query cycle count / Adjustments and ABC tab / ABC Initializaiton / Option select Re(initialize)

              4). When launching Perform Full Cycle Count remember to click the SAVE OUTPUT box for the cycle count listing

              Once you reintialize the Cycle Count, try to submit the Full Cycle Count again & let us know if you are still the same issue.

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                Its still the same problem

                My ABC group is base on a subinventory
                And 50% of the items in that subinventory were made cycle count enabled before doing the ABC and cycle counting
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                  What about the other 50% items in that subinventory? Whether they are cycle count enabled? Any change in ABC or item attribute will not reflect to thee cycle count. This will reflect if & only if you reintialize the cycle count header.

                  And another important thing; while defining the cycle count class, you need to make sure the number of count per year. Please check Metalink note - 76807.1 for the details.

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                    I made a new sub inventory
                    assigned one item to it

                    Than Assigned it to ABC class and compiled

                    Than The cycle count process and i made sure i have done the steps mentioned above in this thread..but still when i submit perform full count and than go to Counting> cycle Counting> Cycle Count Entries and press find on my cycle count, it says "query caused no records to be retrieved..same problem
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                      If you are having only item to count, then how you want to count this item? Then how you have defined your counts per year.
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                        I have assigned tht one item to an ABC class named " class A"
                        Than in cycle counts window, i went into classes and defined "30" counts there..