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    Data File import format - XML?


      I am trying to configure FDM to import a data file in an XML format vs. .TXT, does anyone know if this is possible by using an custom adapter within the import format?

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          It is possible to import from an XML based file. Unfortunately the ability to do that is not built directly into the product as it only can read flat TXT files or Excel based files. XML based files are a Metadata tagged file that requires structure to read it.

          The reason I know this can be done is because a partner/consultant has written it for me. I would recommend that you engage a consultant or partner to write the script for you, as ours is quite complex.

          Thank you,
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            Would it be possible to provide me an example of the custom logic?

            Thanks for all the information.
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              Unfortunately I do not think it will make much sense since it contains our specific information which I can not share.... and unfortunately I am not an expert in VB Scripting.

              I did do a few google searches and came across some good information that might be able to assist you more in a technical fashion. I just searched for "Read XML VB Script" and came across quite a few things.

              Of course this will only give you information on how to read the XML file, but it will not assist you on how to then insert the data into the FDM Application.

              As you can tell, there are lots of pieces involved....

              Hopefully this helps.