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    Getting Run Time Exception in presence webservice

      I have written a Java program, constructed soap message
      Created org.csapi.schema.parlayx.common.v21.SimpleReference, SubscribePresence,GetUserPresence Objects
      Attributes are set for corresponding objects.
      Then created subscriberesponse object
      Program is compiling fine
      ,it is throwing run time while getting data from subscribereponse object

      Getting exception as below

      java.lang.RuntimeException: DOM Level 3 Not implemented
           at org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.store.DomImpl._node_getUserData(DomImpl.java:2435)
           at org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.store.Xobj$NodeXobj.getUserData(Xobj.java:2582)
           at Client.main(Client.java:112)

      Exception coming at this code shown in dotted line .

      SubscribePresenceResponse presenceResponse = SubscribePresenceResponse.Factory.newInstance();

      Please any one suggest me wht to implement and why it is required .

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          XmlBeans, at least the version I'm working with now, doesn't support version 3 of the Document Object Model (DOM). I don't know what operations were introduced in DOM 3, but I guess you're trying to use one of them. What worked for me is to copy the Document into a DocumentBuilder that does support DOM 3, such as the JDK's own builder, and work with the copy. This should be all right if the document is not too large. The following URL has the details:


          (Look for the post dated 22/Aug/08, which as I write this is the very last post.)