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    Oracle inventory location Help

      I am facing some issues with oracle inventory locatoin on a 2 node rac setup. The ORACLE_BASE in my .bash_profile is pointing to /u01/ mount point - which is a NFS mounted volume. clusterware installation went sucesful and now when i am trying to install 11g - it says, oracle inventory can not be on a shared volume and quits the installation.

      My oracle home directory is \home\oracle\.
      system has three mounted directories: /u01/ - /u02/ - /u03/.
      /u01/app/oracle/crs - clusterware
      /u01/app/oracle/product/11g/ - plan on installaing oracle 11g
      /etc/oraInst.log - has the inventory location.

      can somebody please suggest - what options do i have here? any input will be greatly appreciated.

      many thanks,