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    How to see inventory item delivery accounting

      Hi friends

      i need to see inventory item delivery accounting (debit, credit entries) in oracle 11i. can anyone pls tell me how can i see that? i can see 3 accounting entries from Material Distributions window in Inventory responsibility. but i can't distinguish the Debit entries and credit entries. Type tab in Material Transactions window gives me a hint. but still is there any criteria to identify which one is Debit and which one is Credit? Pls help me.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Can't seem to follow you here. The Debit is the positive value and the credit is the negative value in material distribution form.
          Is your case any different?

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            Thanks for your reply. yes, you are right. i can understand it. but is it the final way or rule to identify Debit and Credit? one more thing, there are 3 Accounting Type in Type tab. for positive entry it is Inv valuation, for negative entry it is Receiving Inspection and the third entry which is also negative it is Encumbrance Reversal. we can ignore the third-one.

            can you pls explain the accounting types (Inv valuation, Receiving Inspection)?

            Correction: The form im talking about is Material Distributions, previously i mentioned it as Material Transactions by mistake. so i edited my first post.


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              yes, the positive and negative signs shows the debit and credit, but if you want it clearer, you should check through the View Receiving Transactions form (or Receiving Transactions Summary in Purchasing). Query up your transactions and from the tools menu, choose View Accounting. The form shows debit and credit in separate column.

              the common receiving transaction should consist of 4 accounting entries. two in each step. The steps here are Receive and Deliver.
              The first one is the Receive step, it should populate: Receiving Inspection (Dr) and AP Accrual (Cr)
              The Deliver step should populate: PO Charge Account (Dr) and Receiving Inspection (Cr)

              In your case, the item is an inventory item, so the PO Charge Account is the Inventory Valuation of your Inventory Organization.