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      I am running the PDOI (Import Standard Purchase Orders) for standard POs in R12. The po_interface_errors table shows that some headers were marked with the error message PO_PDOI_INVALID_NUM_OF_LINES (Error: PO_HEADER_ID There should be at least one line per document.). I reckon that there should be at least one valid line for the header.

      All the lines for these headers were rejected but, there is no other error in the PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS for these lines. It is strange that the lines were rejected without any reason. The linkage(interface header id and interface line id) between header and lines are fine.

      Has any one faced this error and the resolution for it?

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          Hi Arun,

          This is the hit i got from metalink might be useful and search if this is the case.

          When item specified is null and item_description and vendor_product_num are
          provided in the interface table, the purchase order line was not uniquely identified
          during the UPDATE process

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            Thanks Raghav. I too saw that. It doesn't exactly match my data. But, this could be even a bug in Oracle.
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              Is there any update on this error? We are facing this even Release 12.1.2 . Is it a known bug?
              For us even the lines are there the header is getting error with error message "Error: PO_HEADER_ID There should be at least one line per document."
              But if we update the process_code to null and re-run standard import these records are accepted.
              We are not able to figure out why this got error in the first run and how come it processed during re-run. As we are moving to production we can not update the tables. So some how we should resolve this issue. Please let us know if there is any update or some kind of documentation.