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    RMAN Clone to

      I have a test instance just upgraded to Production is at and will not be upgraded for a month whie users test changes. I need to clone fresh data from production to test. Using RMAN I get the error message "PLS-00302: component 'LOGTERMINAL_OBJ' must be declared" and it seems that this is becuase RMAN detects the verison incompatiblity. Has anyone successfully duplicated between versions using RMAN?

      I believe I can use our UserManaged backup to clone if necessary. I copy all datafiles to test, then rebuild test control file, but stop before opening database and resetting logs. Then run DBUA to bring the clone up to I will be attempting this but really would rather use RMAN if possible.

      Thank you,

      Curt Swartzlander
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          Are you connecting to a Repository (RMAN Catalog schema) ?

          If so, try the clone without connecting to a Repository.
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            I am using the control file not a catalog database. I copy the backups to the test server in the same directory. I have the convert parameters set up in the test pfile. Then I run the duplicate db script on the linux server after starting the test database in "nomount"mode:
            rman <<EOF
            connect target sys/password@prod
            connect auxiliary sys/password@test
            PFILE = /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/dbs/inittest.ora
            LOGFILE GROUP 1 ('/u02/oradata/test/redo01.log') SIZE 102400K,
            GROUP 2 ('/u02/oradata/test/redo02.log') SIZE 102400K,
            GROUP 3 ('/u02/oradata/test/redo03.log') SIZE 102400K;

            This works fine across the servers when the versions match.

            Am I missing something here?

            Thank you


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              Then, it would be RMAN specific. Some difference in the DBMS_RCVMAN package between and
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                RMAN have some known issues with different versions.