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    Item level tax implementation

      Hi friends

      i need to use item level tax while creating purchase order. when i create a Purchase Order (PO) with an item which is taxable and have tax code defined i want to see that tax code in Shipment for that item. how can i configure this?

      i have set my PO setup Tax default with Item checked and value is set to 1. the others are not selected. so as per my knowledge my item level tax code should default for all the POs. please help me.

      if you have any confusion pls let me know. ill provide all the info needed to answer this.

      thanks in advance.

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          Hello Lisan,
          Yes, it should work.

          I have few queries, if it is not working for you the desired way. What is the issue?

          - Do you have Tax Code specified in Purchasing Preferences? (PO screen >> Tools >> Preferences). If preferences is set then it will overrite all defaults.
          - In which org (level: Master/ Ship To org etc) you are setting Purchasing Tax Code ?