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    User cant respond to adadmin question "Continue as though successful Y/N"

      User is SR: 7712716.992 has a form fail to generate during 11i to 12 upgrade.

      He is at step 12--8 'Compile and generate using adadmin' of task 'Perform the Upgrade' under
      category 'Upg to Rel 12.0.4' of MW.

      The following Oracle Forms objects did not generate successfully:

      wms forms/US WMSLABEL.fmx

      An error occurred while generating Oracle Forms objects.

      Continue as if it were successful :

      AD Administration could not find a response to the above prompt
      or found an incorrect response in the defaults file.

      You must run AD Administration in an interactive session
      and provide a correct value.

      How does he respond to this question?