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    Item List Price on Purchasing Tab


      How does the list price (in Purchasing tab) gets updated on items master?

      Req/PO defaults the price for an item from item's list price when there is no sourcing rule in palce. Looks like some process updates the list price, can't narrow down what it is.. any help is appeciated,

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          Hi Bala,
          the item list price in purchasing tab can be updated manually or by using item import or similar APIs like EGO_ITEM_PUB. There is no standard automatic process through which the item list price gets updated. You may use a customization to do it automatically using last purchase price etc as source.

          If it is happening in your instance then there must be some existing customization. Another point, the list price maintained in the Inventory validation organization (IVO, specified in the Financial options IVO; some call it PVO as well) gets defaulted in Req/ PO etc. The IVO may or may not be same as item master.

          - Supro