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    OFSA Version

      Hi All ,

      Some time ago we started building our data warehouse using OFSA . However due to some budget issues the project was stopped . Now we are about to restart the project . The version that was installed last time was based on oracle database 10G R1 . Now my manager is asking if this can be upgraded to 10GR2 or 11g .
      So my questions are :
      1) How do I find the version of the application ?
      2) what should we do to upgrade the database ? IF I just upgrade the database using DBUA will that work ?
      3) Should the application be upgraded also?
      4) Where can I get the certification matrix for the database versions and patch levels ?
      5) what is the latest version of the application ?

      Many thanks to all
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          I can help you with two things the version of OFSA and the Certify and patches. On my work we have ofsa, now the way to know the version of ofsa is the following.

          1)Log on the Oracle Database as the owner schema of the OFSA objects or with sys and run the following query:


          2)About the upgrade, i have OFSA runing over a 10GR2 version without problems if i now OFSA is only certified on the 10GR2 version of Database

          3) No, OFSA has a patch for the upgrade from version 4.5.38 to the 4.5.39, it's a simple script that you have to run.

          4)You can find the certification matrix on the metalink site:

          https://metalink.oracle.com/ On the top you can see the CERTIFY link so you can find the Certification by Product in your case search for Financial Services Applications.

          5)The latest version of OFSA is the 4.5.39

          I hope i can help you,

          Best regards,

          Carlos Robles.

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            Hi, check this metalink note 227193.1, there is all about the OFSA Versions and certifications.

            Best regards.
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              What is the new OFSA verion, ?because i have worked on OFSA 4.5.39 and came to know that OFSA 5 version also released this year.