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    Mixing Code Pages Within JDE

      Has anyone any experience of using two code pages to enter data in the same JDE environment?

      We are in the process of implementing JDE in our Poland office and they have specific language issues mostly solved by using code page 870 (I say mostly but wont go into details here about CA & fonts). Now the corperate head office is pushing to cut down the number of environments we have of JDE and we were thinking of putting Poland into an environment we have running already that runs in English with and English code page on the users. So we would have some users entering data with code page 870 and some with 285.

      So apart form the obvious problems of trying to see all the data correctly does anyone know of any other problems that might appear?

      Also how do other multi-national companies handle this when they want to install JDE in countries where the code page is not the same, I am thinking Chines, Japanese etc?
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          First off, let me verify that you truly are running JD Edwards World software, and the host computer is the IBM System i (or iSeries or AS/400 - IBM has kept changing the name of the hardware). I have to verify this because often people running JDE Enterprise One will post on this forum, instead of in the JDE Enterprise One forum. Also Oracle is not actively out there selling JDE World (is actively selling Enterprise One). There may be a few new implementations of World, but not many. Since you are talking about an implementation, makes me wonder JDE version you are really working with. From a Technical perspective, JDE World and JDE Enterprise One are very different environments. So it is important that you are in the correct forum.

          Assuming you are running JDE World, which can ONLY run on IBM System i, here is my response. Unfortunately not many JDE World users have found their way to this forum. So not sure how much help you will get. First thing to look at is the language support in JDE World itself. I know we have English and Spanish users of JDE World, and we use the JDE World language support to support the Spanish users. Our base operating system and the DB2/400 database are set in English. This is where I think you want to look at having your Polish users using Polish in a JDE environment that is in English. I suggest contacting JDE support to see if they have a Polish version available and, if not, what if anything you can do to establish Polish as an available language.

          Certainly the other way to attack this is at the IBM operating system level (i5/OS). Which is where it sounds like you have been attacking this in the past, setting the operating system at a certain code page. You can set code page values at the user profile level. So you can have your Polish users assigned to the Polish code page. Now I have not personally used this method. I would assume this should work, since IBM sells these systems around the world and has to have plenty of customers in a multi-language environment like you would be in. If you want more information on this I would suggest contacting IBM support for assistance. You would certainly want to test this out and see how it works before implementing in Production.

          So this gives you two potential methods to attack this issue. Not having done the IBM operating system, I cannot say one is better than the other. Your unique situation may also impact which method might be better for your.

          Good luck.

          John Dickey