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    Shopping Category in iProcurement update?

    Jason ORCL
      I create a new item category to show up in iProcurement

      When I use the form it shows up fine with a shopping category using the description of the actual combination

      When I use the backend, everything is fine...except that shopping category. It shows not the description, but the combination.

      So the form entry I create combo 00000009.00000009.001 and the description shows up 'TEST DESC' as i entered it.
      And from the backend I use 3 APIs


      And then the shopping category shows up as the combo (ie 00000009.00000009.001) but i want it as that description!

      So my question is...what does the application do magically that is not the same? What table(s) is iProcurement looking at to get that "shopping category" value? I assume something is null when created in the back end, and the form just populates the combination as a default, but the customer does not want this.

      Any insight would be fantastic! Thanks.