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    RMAN-06025 during duplication

      Hi list,

      Iam trying to duplicate a database to a new Host ,this is my script

      duplicate  target database to orcl pfile='D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_3\database\Clone\initorcl.ora'
      logfile  'D:\oracle10g\orcl\redo01.dbf' size 50m,
      *'D:\oracle10g\orcl\redo02.dbf' size 50m,*
      *'D:\oracle10g\orcl\redo03.dbf' size 50m;*

      i have copied a backup of the database returing to three days before and the archivelogs generated from last backup to the time of duplication to the new host.

      But the duplication failed during recovering with this statment :

      RMAN-06025: No backup s Log-Threads 1 seq 214 lowscn 2683354 to restore found
      RMAN-06025: Kein Backup des Log-Threads 1 seq 213 lowscn 2656377 zur Wiederherstellung gefunden .

      Here is my question : during the duplication does rman see only archivelogs in backupup if iam duplicating to a remote host ?
      and how i will duplicate to the last genrated archive log if i copied all archivelogs immediatly before i start the duplication ?,i do not want to take a new backup just use always the last generated backup .

      Windows server 2003
      10g database SE.

      Thanks for your hints.
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          read this link
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            Hi ,

            My main question is does Rman apply archive logs even if they are not backed up but copied to the remote host ?,if yes then perhaps their is womething in the recovery destination that i have to check.

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              You need to copy the archive logs to the remote location. Even if you have backup of the archive logs first you need to restore the backup and then your recovery will identify your archive logs. Yes if you copy your archive logs to the destination, they will be recognized in the recovery as the information for what archive is to be used will be used from the controlfile.
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                Hi Welo,
                Does Rman apply archive logs even if they are not backed up but copied to the remote host ?
                It depends on the settings for archive log destination and archive log format on the auxiliary side if rman can apply your archive logs.

                (I normaly use rman to backup the archive logs and use copy the pieces to the auxliary. During the recovery phase of the cloning process the archive files get restored to the auxiliary archivelog dest and get the format as set in the (s)pfile on the auxiliary.)

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                  Hi ,

                  I will try this tommorrow,but to my understandment this is true ?

                  If i copied backups and current archivelogs without backing them up to the remote Host with same stracture and format they will be recognized by RMAN during duriing the recover process, i do this because i do not want to to run backup prcocedure and i want the auxiliary to be up to the time of duplication .

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                    yes, they will. This type of recovery called " user managed recovery"

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